Taking out a finance agreement on any of our used cars will allow you to spread the cost over a set number of months. The finance lenders we work with offer terms from 12 months all the way up to 60 months so you can find a payment plan that's affordable for you.

We accept deposits from as little as £99 and offer a two month payment holiday with certain lenders. When you get accepted for finance, you could be driving away with a new car in just one hour.

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General Finance Enquiries

If you need more information about our used car finance products, you can make a general finance enquiry by calling 01443 520 105 (Cardiff) or 01792 447 500 (Swansea) or by entering your details in the form below.

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Every vehicle in our stock list has an example monthly payment figure underneath the cash price


When you click into any car you can adjust the deposit amount and number of months to find a monthly payment that fits your budget


Our experienced Business Managers are here to provide expert impartial advice and help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

Whichever finance product you choose, the finance lender will purchase the car from Corner Park Garage on your behalf. You then make fixed monthly repayments to the finance company until you repay the full amount borrowed, with interest.

We offer PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and HP (Hire Purchase) finance options on all our stock. If you already have a finance agreement with us or another dealer and you're looking to upgrade your car with a new finance agreement, we can settle any existing finance.


With a PCP finance agreement, the car you want to buy is given a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) which determines the minimum amount it will be worth at the end of the agreement.

The GMFV is taken away from the total value of the car and deferred until the end as an optional payment. You decide how much of a deposit you want to put down - it could be as little as £99 - and that amount is also taken away from the value of the car.

The remaining amount is then evenly spread across an agreed fixed period; typically this is three or four years. After the final monthly payment has been made, you have three choices:

  1. Pay the optional balloon payment (the GMFV) and own the car
  2. Trade the car in and use any positive equity as a deposit for your next car
  3. Hand the car back and walk away


HP finance agreements require more expensive monthly payments compared to a PCP deal because there is no deferred payment.

Your deposit is taken away from the value of the car and the remaining amount is evenly spread across an agreed fixed period. This could even be as long as 60 months.

After the final monthly payment and a nominal 'option to purchase fee' has been made, you will own the car.

We've teamed up with a selection of the top finance houses including:

Moneyway Motor Finance logo
Close Brothers Motor Finance
MotoNovo Finance
First Response Finance
Alphera Financial Services
Barclays Partner Finance
Marsh Motor Finance
Hitachi Personal Finance
Northridge Finance
Evolution Funding

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